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File #: 2252   
Type: Consent Status: Passed
File created: 5/26/2020 Department: Sheriff/Coroner/Public Administrator
On agenda: 6/2/2020 Final action: 6/2/2020
Subject: Contracts with Cities for Regional Identification Systems
Attachments: 1. ATT-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 CAL-ID Assessment Fee Table, 2. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Big Bear Lake CAL-ID, 3. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Chino CAL-ID, 4. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Chino Hills CAL-ID, 5. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Colton CAL-ID, 6. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Fontana CAL-ID, 7. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Hesperia CAL-ID, 8. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Highland CAL-ID, 9. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Loma Linda CAL-ID, 10. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Montclair CAL-ID, 11. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Needles CAL-ID, 12. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Ontario CAL-ID, 13. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Rancho Cucamonga CAL-ID, 14. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Redlands CAL-ID, 15. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Rialto CAL-ID, 16. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 San Bernardino CAL-ID, 17. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Twentynine Palms CAL-ID, 18. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Upland CAL-ID, 19. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Victorville CAL-ID, 20. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Yucaipa CAL-ID, 21. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Yucca Valley CAL-ID, 22. CON-SHJERIFF-06-02-2020 Grand Terrace CAL-ID, 23. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Adelanto CAL-ID, 24. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Apple Valley CAL-ID, 25. CON-SHERIFF-06-02-2020 Barstow CAL-ID, 26. Item #39 Executed BAI, 27. 20-328 Executed Contract, 28. 20-329 Executed Contract, 29. 20-330 Executed Contract, 30. 20-331 Executed Contract, 31. 20-332 Executed Contract, 32. 20-333 Executed Contract, 33. 20-334 Executed Contract, 34. 20-335 Executed Contract, 35. 20-336 Executed Contract, 36. 20-337 Executed Contract, 37. 20-338 Executed Contract, 38. 20-339 Executed Contract, 39. 20-340 Executed Contract, 40. 20-341 Executed Contract, 41. 20-342 Executed Contract, 42. 20-343 Executed Contract, 43. 20-344 Executed Contract, 44. 20-345 Executed Contract, 45. 20-346 Executed Contract, 46. 20-347 Executed Contract, 47. 20-348 Executed Contract, 48. 20-349 Executed Contract, 49. 20-350 Executed Contract, 50. 20-351 Executed Contract





June 2, 2020



JOHN McMAHON, Sheriff/Coroner/Public Administrator 




Contracts with Cities for Regional Identification Systems





1.                     Approve contracts with all 24 cities and towns in San Bernardino County for the continued participation in the Regional Identification Systems, for a ten-year period, commencing on July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2030, for estimated annual revenue of $2.6 million.

2.                     Approve the duration of the contracts with cities for Regional Identification Systems for the State’s California Identification System (CAL-ID), as an exception to the Standard County contract term of five years established in County Policy 11-06 SP1.

(Presenter: John Ades, Captain, 387-0640)




Provide for the Safety, Health and Social Service Needs of County Residents.

Pursue County Goals and Objectives by Working with Other Agencies.



The cost of the Regional Identification Systems is shared by Riverside and San Bernardino counties based upon the percentage of workload generated by each county. Under the terms of the contract, San Bernardino County’s share is allocated to the cities and the County through an annual per capita assessment. The current per capita fee approved by the local Remote Access Network (RAN) Board is $1.18. Based upon California Department of Finance population estimates as of January 1, 2019 (population: 2,192,203), the per capita assessment will generate revenue of $2,586,800 for Fiscal Year 2020-21. The cost detail by city is provided on Exhibit A, attached. The per capita cost to the Sheriff/Coroner/Public Administrator (Department) for the unincorporated area is $368,932.



On May 7, 1990 (Item No. 63), the Board of Supervisors (Board) approved Contract No. 90-449 with the County of Riverside for the formation of a RAN to participate in the State’s California Identification System (CAL-ID), which is an automated system maintained by the Department of Justice for retaining fingerprint files and identifying latent fingerprints. Pursuant to that agreement, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties share in the funding of the Regional Identification Systems and are also each responsible for the cost of maintaining and operating their local subsystem. Both local and regional programs are funded by revenues that are generated from assessments charged to participating municipalities as well as portions of court fines.  The San Bernardino County regional system is administered by the Sheriff/Coroner/Public Administrator.


On November 26, 1990 (Item No. 22), the Board approved Contract Agreements with all 24 of the County’s cities/towns for participation in the CAL-ID program. These Agreements were subsequently amended on July 27, 1992 (Item No. 27) to clarify contract language.


On June 28, 2011 (Item No. 119), the Board approved Contract Agreements with all 24 of the County’s cities/towns for participation in the CAL-ID program for the period of July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2020.


As the program has evolved over the past thirty years, the original agreements have become outdated. The proposed new contracts update contract language to coincide with the current relationship between the County and the cities. Since the current contracts were approved, tremendous advancements have been made in the field of DNA technology and the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino have extended the RAN Board’s authority to include funding for the Department’s DNA Unit (CAL-DNA). The new contract includes CAL-DNA and allows for inclusion of other biometric identification systems in the future (i.e. facial recognition, iris scan, etc.). The current agreement is due to expire on June 30, 2020.  Due to the longstanding relationship between our County and the cities, and since this contract is not subject to competitive procurement rules, the Department is proposing the new contracts have a ten-year term, consistent with the prior contract, commencing July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2030. Either party may terminate this agreement upon one-year advance written notice on or before July 1 of any year.


The duration of this contract exceeds the County’s standard maximum contract term of five years, per County Policy 11-06 Standard Practice 1 (SP1).  Approval of recommendation No. 2 will provide an exception to the County Policy 11-06, SP1.


The Department recommends approval of contracts with the following cities:



Contract No.


Contract No.

City of Adelanto


City of Montclair


Town of Apple Valley


City of Needles


City of Barstow


City of Ontario


City of Big Bear Lake


City of Rancho Cucamonga


City of Chino


City of Redlands


City of Chino Hills


City of Rialto


City of Colton


City of San Bernardino


City of Fontana


City of Twentynine Palms


City of Grand Terrace


City of Upland


City of Hesperia


City of Victorville


City of Highland


City of Yucaipa


City of Loma Linda


Town of Yucca Valley



This item is being submitted to the Board along with a companion item on today’s agenda to approve the new contract with Riverside County for the continuation of the regional programs.



Not Applicable.



This item has been reviewed by County Counsel (Richard D. Luczak, Deputy County Counsel, 387-5455) on May 6, 2020; Finance (Carolina Mendoza, Administrative Analyst, 387-0294) on May 12, 2020; and County Finance and Administration (Kelly Welty, Deputy Executive Officer, 387-5423) on May 13, 2020.