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File #: 4234   
Type: Consent Status: Passed
File created: 5/27/2021 Department: Preschool Services
On agenda: 6/8/2021 Final action: 6/8/2021
Subject: Standard Employment Contract Templates for Preschool Services Department Contract Employees - Home Visiting Program
Attachments: 1. COV-PSD - 6-8-21 - PSD HVP Employment Contract Templates, 2. CON-PSD HVP Accountant II Template, 3. CON-PSD HVP Behavioral Specialist Template, 4. CON-PSD HVP Health Education Specialist Template, 5. CON-PSD HVP Home Base Child and Family Support Worker Template, 6. CON-PSD HVP Office Assistant II Template, 7. CON-PSD HVP Program Generalist Template, 8. CON-PSD HVP Program Manager Template, 9. CON-PSD HVP Program Supervisor Template, 10. CON-PSD HVP Quality Assurance Technician Template, 11. CON-PSD HVP Site Supervisor II Template, 12. CON-PSD HVP Special Education Specialist Template, 13. CON-PSD HVP Staff Analyst II Template, 14. CON-PSD HVP Teacher III Template, 15. Item #52 Executed BAI





June 8, 2021



PHALOS HAIRE, Director, Preschool Services Department 




Standard Employment Contract Templates for Preschool Services Department Contract Employees - Home Visiting Program





1.                     Approve Standard Employment Contract Templates for the following Preschool Services Department contract Home Visiting Program positions to provide home visiting services, effective upon execution through June 30, 2023:

a.                     Accountant II Template

b.                     Behavioral Health Specialist Template

c.                     Health Education Specialist Template

d.                     Home Base Child and Family Support Worker Template

e.                     Office Assistant II Template

f.                     Program Generalist Template

g.                     Program Manager Template

h.                     Program Supervisor Template

i.                     Quality Assurance Technician Template

j.                     Site Supervisor II Template

k.                     Special Education Specialist Template

l.                     Staff Analyst II Template

m.                     Teacher III Template

2.                     Authorize the Director of Preschool Services Department to execute the individual employment contracts and amendments to extend the term of the contracts for a maximum of one year on behalf of the County, subject to review by County Counsel.

(Presenter:  Phalos Haire, Director, 383-2005)




Create, Maintain and Grow Jobs and Economic Value in the County.

Provide for the Safety, Health and Social Service Needs of County Residents.

Pursue County Goals and Objectives by Working with Other Agencies.



Approval of this item will not impact Discretionary General Funding (Net County Cost).  The cost to the Preschool Services Department (PSD) and Human Services (HS) Administrative Claim for all home visiting services and positions will be 100% funded by the California Department of Social Services Home Visiting Program (HVP) (formerly known as the Home Visiting Initiative [HVI]), allocation under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Transitional Assistance Department (TAD).  Adequate revenue and appropriation have been included in the PSD and HS Administrative Claim 2020-21 budgets and will be included in future recommended budgets.



Since initiation of HVP, additional funding has been received to allow for an hourly rate increase in some positions, and to extend the program for another two years, resulting in a revision to the employment contract templates; therefore, PSD is requesting approval of new standard employment contract templates to be executed by the Director of Preschool Services.


TAD provides economic assistance to financially struggling San Bernardino County residents who are pregnant or parents with the aim of helping them achieve self-sufficiency.  The target population identified in HVP is a voluntary participant who is a member of a CalWORKs Assistance Unit, pregnant with no other children at the time of enrollment, or a first-time parent, or caretaker relative of a child less than 24 months at the time he or she enrolls in HVP.  The County may serve additional CalWORKs clients with children under the age of two through HVP as long as the County continues to offer and provide home visiting services to the primary target population as noted.


PSD provides Head Start services to San Bernardino County residents, which includes home based visits.  TAD seeks to collaborate with PSD by linking program participants to PSD Home Visitors to enable receipt of HVP services.  HVP supports positive health, development, and well-being outcomes for pregnant and parenting women, families, and infants born into poverty.  This support is anticipated to result in expanding their future education, economic, and financial opportunities, and improving the likelihood that they will exit poverty.


On January 29, 2019 (Item No. 26), April 2, 2019 (Item No. 17), and on July 9, 2019 (Item No. 23), the Board of Supervisors (Board) approved standard employment contract templates to be executed by the Director of Preschool Services to ensure the required HVP positions are filled timely when turnover occurs.


On June 23, 2020 (Item No. 57), the Board approved standard employment contract templates to allow for an hourly rate increase in some positions, and to extend the program for another year through June 30, 2021.


The individual employment contracts may be terminated by either party at any time without cause with a 14-day prior notice and may be terminated for just cause immediately by the County.






This item has been reviewed by Human Resources (Gina King, Human Resources Division Chief, 387-5564) on May 21, 2021; County Counsel (Cynthia O’Neill, Principal Assistant County Counsel, 387-5455) on May 20, 2021; Human Services Contracts (Jennifer Mulhall-Daudel, Contracts Manager, 388-0241) on May 3, 2021; Finance (Paul Garcia, Administrative Analyst, 386-8392) on May 19, 2021; and County Finance and Administration (Tanya Bratton, Deputy Executive Officer, 388-0332) on May 19, 2021.