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File #: 4334   
Type: Consent Status: Passed
File created: 6/1/2021 Department: Bloomington Recreation and Park District
On agenda: 6/8/2021 Final action: 6/8/2021
Subject: Grant Application to the California Department of Parks and Recreation for Kessler Park Improvements
Attachments: 1. ATT-BRPD 060821 2021 Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership (ORLP) Technical Assistance, 2. ATT-BRPD 060821 2021 Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership (ORLP) Program, 3. ADD-ATT-BRPD 060821 ORLP Grant Application, 4. Item #95 Executed BAI





June 8, 2021



BRENDON BIGGS, Director, Department of Public Works - Special Districts 




Grant Application to the California Department of Parks and Recreation for Kessler Park Improvements





Acting as the governing body of Bloomington Recreation and Park District:

1.                     Authorize submission of grant application to the California Department of Parks and Recreation requesting an amount not to exceed $1,800,000, through the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership, for improvements to Kessler Park in Bloomington.

2.                     Designate the Director of the Department of Public Works to sign and submit the grant application to the California Department of Parks and Recreation, subject to review by County Counsel.

3.                     Direct the Director of the Department of Public Works to transmit all documents and amendments in relation to this grant application to the Secretary of the Board of Directors within 30 days of execution.

(Presenter: Brendon Biggs, Director, 387-7906)




Promote the Countywide Vision.

Ensure Development of a Well-Planned, Balanced, and Sustainable County.



The Department of Public Works - Special Districts (Special Districts) is seeking a grant in an amount not to exceed $1,800,000 from the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), through the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership (ORLP) grant program, for improvements to Kessler Park.  This amount represents 50% of the total project cost of $3,600,000, as the grant requires a 50% (or $1,800,000) local match. Budgetary constraints prevent Bloomington Recreation and Park District (BRPD) from utilizing existing revenues as a match as most are used for operation and maintenance of the parks.  To fulfill this requirement, the BRPD would seek funds from BRPD fund balance, if available, or an allocation from the Bloomington Community Benefit/Improvement Reserve.  BRPD will also continue to explore other sources of funding to potentially be used as a match if awarded this grant.


If this application is successful, Special Districts will return to the Board of Directors (Board) for acceptance of the grant and approval of a recommendation concerning the local match funding requirement.  At any time prior to acceptance of the grant, Special Districts can withdraw the application should it seem likely that funding for the local match amount is not attainable.



Kessler Park (Park) is one of two parks in BRPD.  Per Board approval on March 9, 2021 (Item No. 46), Special Districts submitted an application to DPR, through the Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program (SPDCRP), seeking grant funds in the amount of $951,490 for improvements to the Park. The application emphasized that approximately half of the usable land within the Park’s boundaries is currently undeveloped and in need of funding to improve recreational opportunities for the underserved community of Bloomington. In that application, BRPD proposed a Park renovation project with landscaping, walking path, trail kiosks, signage, benches, tables, viewpoints and fencing. Additional Park amenities included in the application were artificial turf within the batting cages, adding turf and shade sails around the ball fields, and the addition of rubberized playground surface and lights within the skate park. There is no local match requirement for the SPDCRP grant opportunity.  The grant application amount of $951,490, which includes the estimated cost for environmental reports, aligns closely with funding awarded to other agencies in previous SPDCRP grant opportunities and offers the highest likelihood of grant award for the Park.


As it is currently unknown if BRPD will obtain the SPDCRP grant for $951,490, Special Districts is requesting authorization with Recommendation No. 1 to submit a secondary (non-supplanting) grant application in the amount of $1,800,000 to DPR, through the ORLP, for the Park’s same scope of work with additional priority amenities that include ADA compliant restrooms, parking lot gates and slurry seal, maintenance barn, snack bar renovation, electronic scoreboards, turf additions to the ballfield, and BBQ grills/coal receptacles.  These additional improvements were included in the ORLP grant application based on recent discussions with Fifth Supervisorial District staff and input from the surrounding community, with the specific goal of enhancing the recreational experience for Park patrons. Unlike the SPDCRP grant opportunity, the ORLP grant does have a 50% local match requirement.  If the SPDCRP grant award is successful, then BRPD will evaluate the ORLP grant application and submit a scope modification for the remaining improvements.


Board approval of this item will authorize the submittal of an ORLP grant application to DPR for various Park improvements. The application must be submitted by June 18, 2021.


Pursuant to the terms of the grant if awarded, BRPD would be obligated to operate and maintain the Park for a period of 30 years, and the recording of a deed restriction would be required on the underlying property of the Park.






This item has been reviewed by County Counsel (Dawn Martin, Deputy County Counsel, 387-5455) on May 20, 2021; Finance (Tom Forster, Administrative Analyst, 387-4635) on May 21, 2021; and County Finance and Administration (Matthew Erickson, County Chief Financial Officer, 387-5423) on May 23, 2021.