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File #: 7312   
Type: Consent Status: Passed
File created: 12/28/2022 Department: Library
On agenda: 1/10/2023 Final action: 1/10/2023
Subject: Adult Literacy Services Grant Agreement with the State of California, California State Library
Attachments: 1. ATT-LIBRARY-CLLS22-73_County_of_San_Bernardino_Literacy_S, 2. RES-LIBRARY -1-10-23-GRANT AWARD AGREEMENT FOR THE SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY ADULT LITERACY SERVICES PROGRAM, 3. ADD-ATT-LIBRARY-1-10-2023-ADULT LITERACY SERVICES AWARD APPLICATION, 4. ADD - ATT - COV - Library - 01-10-2023 - Adult Literacy Services Grant Award, 5. Item #25 Executed BAI, 6. 23-15 Executed Contract, 7. 2023-02 Executed Resolution





                                           January 10, 2023



MELANIE OROSCO, County Librarian, County Library 




Adult Literacy Services Grant Agreement with the State of California, California State Library





1.                     Ratify submission of grant application to the State of California, California State Library Grant in the amount of $113,320 for the Adult Literacy Services Program for the period of July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. 

2.                     Approve Grant Agreement (State Agreement No. CLLS22-73), including non-standard terms, with the State of California, California State Library to receive $113,320 for the Adult Literacy Services Program for the period of July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023, with a grant completion date of  December 31, 2023.

3.                     Adopt Resolution approving the Grant Agreement and authorizing the County Librarian, or the Library Regional Manager for Library Services, as required by the California State Library, to electronically sign and submit all documents and forms required for acceptance of the Adult Literacy Services Grant.

4.                     Direct the County Librarian, or the Library Regional Manager for Library Services, to submit all Grant Agreement documents and forms to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors within 30 days of execution. 

(Presenter: Melanie Orosco, County Librarian, 387-2220)




Promote the Countywide Vision.

Operate in a Fiscally-Responsible and Business-Like Manner.

Provide for the Safety, Health and Social Service Needs of County Residents.

Pursue County Goals and Objectives by Working with Other Agencies and Stakeholders.



Approval of this item will not result in the use of Discretionary General Funding (Net County Cost). The total revenue for the Grant Agreement (Agreement) is expected to be $113,320, as a reimbursement for staff support, collection materials, display materials and other ancillary needs. Adequate appropriation and revenue have been included in the San Bernardino County (County) Library’s 2022-23 budget and will be included in the 2023-24 recommended budget. 



The California State Library will provide grant funding for the Adult Literacy Services program (Program).  The Program allows the County Library (Department) to provide individualized tutoring to illiterate adults by giving them tools to learn to read and write. The Program helps learners accomplish many goals through building self-confidence in applying for jobs, being able to vote, and much more. Additionally, the Program supports the County’s Cradle to Career Road Map to achieve the Countywide Vision. Teaching illiterate adults to read not only helps the individual but also their children, as parents who read are able to give children the literacy support needed to succeed. The Program allows the Department to increase the literacy rate in San Bernardino County. The Department has received grant funds from California State Library annually for this purpose since 1984.


On May 17, 2022, the Department submitted a grant application to the California State Library requesting grant funding for the period of July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023 for Adult Literacy Services, and the Department recommends San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors (Board) ratification of this grant application. For the application, the Department gathered statistics and numbers from the 16 branches that provide Program services, providing the number of individuals that have joined the program, total number of literacy goals set, and how many literacy goals have been completed. This data provided in the application includes a total of 270 adult learners that received instruction and one-on-one tutoring. There are a total of 81 tutors that provided a total of 3,128 hours of instruction. The Department also listed materials, equipment, costs for personnel, and other items detailing how the funding would be spent. Based on the application, on August 24, 2022, the Department received notice of the grant award in the amount of $113,320 for the period of July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.


This item will allow acceptance of a grant award from the California State Library, in the amount of $113,220, thereby enabling the Department to continue to offer services related to the Program for 2022-23. Literacy programs in public libraries transform the lives of adults in the communities served by providing access to tools that support individuals to gain basic literacy skills. 


The Program provides one-on-one literacy instruction and individualized tutoring for low-income illiterate adults and seniors. Library adult literacy services are free of charge to all learners participating in the program. Direct services and assistance are provided by Library staff, as well as trained literacy tutors. Dedicated tutoring space and special Program materials (leveled student readers, workbooks, dictionaries, etc.) are supplied to participating learners at no charge. The Department uses the grant funding to maintain the materials and balance the cost of salaries for the staff that run the Program. The Department purchases materials for the learners to take home, such as workbooks, flash cards, notebooks, pencils, highlighters. Learners can practice and maintain the skills they are taught during the one-on-one tutoring. Learners are strongly encouraged to attend free basic computer skills classes taught in the Library. Those with young children are encouraged to attend early learning and preschool storytime activities to foster a love of reading and ensure school-age readiness.


The Agreement contains the following nonstandard terms, which require Board approval:


1.                     The Agreement contains an informal dispute resolution clause which authorizes the State Librarian to finally settle disputes between the parties, if resolution cannot be achieved, and provides that the State Librarian’s decision shall be final. 

                     The standard County contract provides for nonbinding informal dispute resolution.

                     Potential Impact:  The County will be subject to binding dispute resolution.  By agreeing to this provision, the County limits its remedies in the event of a dispute.


2.                     The Agreement contains a provision requiring the County to indemnify the State of California and the California State Library for claims resulting to any person furnishing or supplying services, materials or supplies in connection with the performance of this Agreement, and from any and all claims and losses resulting to any person who may be injured or damaged by Grantee in the performance of this Agreement. 

                     The standard County contract requires contractors to indemnify the County and has no requirement for the County to indemnify another party to a contract. 

                     By agreeing to the indemnity provision, the County may be subject to increased cost, expenditures and damages in the event of a third-party dispute. All parties to the Agreement, however, are public entities so governmental immunities will remain intact. 


The Department recommends approval of the Agreement, including all nonstandard terms, as the grant award will allow the Department to improve literacy rates in San Bernardino County.






This item has been reviewed by County Counsel (Katherine Hardy, Deputy County Counsel, 387-5455) on November 30, 2022; Finance (Elias Duenas, Administrative Analyst, 387-4052) on December 8, 2022; and County Finance and Administration (Valerie Clay, Deputy Executive Officer, 387-5423) on December 15, 2022.